How is the shipping freight going to be in 2022?

After suffering the sharp increase of shipping freight in 2021, everyone is worrying about how the freight is going to be in 2022, because this sustainable growing freight stopped plenty of containers in China.

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According to the shipping rate in September, there is an increase of 300% above that of corresponding period of last year, even though the freight is so high, the containers are difficult to get one.

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Now the Conovid-19 is still going on, that means the freight won’t go down sharply in the following months. However, with the electricity control in China since Oct 2021, this will greatly decrease the capacity of production, thus reducing the needs of container quantity. Therefore, it’s estimated that the freight will be relatively more stable than 2021 without big increase or decrease.

Anyhow, we still hope human can control the conovid-19 effectively in the near future, which is the key point for global economy recovery, so as to decrease the freight as before, we believe the day is coming soon.

Post time: Oct-15-2021