Quality Month: Let national brands show their true quality manufacturing strength!

September is the national “Quality Month”.

The “Quality Month” activity started in 1978. At that time, after a decade of catastrophe, my country’s national economy was beginning to recover. Many enterprises had low production efficiency and serious quality problems. For this reason, the former State Economic Commission issued the “Notice on Carrying out the “Quality Month” Activity” to the whole country on June 24, 1978, and decided to launch the “Quality Month” activity nationwide in September every year to promote the idea of ​​”Quality First” and establish ” The trend of producing high-quality products is glorious, and producing inferior products is shameful.

This year, 20 departments including the General Administration of Market Supervision carried out “Quality Month” activities across the country under the theme of “in-depth implementation of quality improvement actions and vigorously promoting the construction of a quality country”. Pursue quality, create quality, and enjoy the social environment of quality, improve the large-quality work mechanism, carry out in-depth quality improvement actions, comprehensively improve the quality of products and services, enhance the national quality competitiveness, and create a good social atmosphere for solidly promoting the construction of a quality country.

This year’s “Quality Month” activities are also in full swing as in previous years.

In fact, “Strengthening the country by quality” has always been a national strategy. The Party Central Committee and the State Council have always attached great importance to quality issues. Approved the establishment of the “China Quality Award”. “Made in China 2025″ also clearly stated: Quality must be the lifeline of building a manufacturing power, comprehensively consolidate the foundation of product quality, continuously improve the corporate brand value and the overall image of “Made in China”, and take the development path of winning by quality.

Looking back over the past ten years, when it comes to Seiko quality, people first think of Germany; when they think of high-end toilet lids, they first think of Japan… For many years, the concept of “foreign brands is better quality” has been deeply rooted, and mentioned And “Made in China”, but only the impression of “low-end” and “inferior quality”.

This situation has not changed until the past ten years.

Under the new economic ecology, “Made in China”, which once relied on cost and scale, is ushering in an inflection point of transformation and upgrading under the wave of globalization and intelligence. Especially after decades of independent technological improvement, “Made in China” is making great strides towards “Made in China” and “Made in China”.

In recent years, a number of companies with outstanding innovation capabilities, large leading roles, good development potentials, and strong international competitiveness have emerged in various industries, as well as a large number of “precision, special, new, and innovative” companies with strong professional capabilities in market segments and fields. “Little giant enterprise and single champion enterprise. In addition, batches of well-known Chinese brands have begun to become famous overseas, such as Huawei in the 3C industry, Gree in the electrical appliance industry, etc. These Chinese brands not only grab a place in the lives and minds of global consumers, but also make “Made in China”. Get rid of the inherent impression of low-end, cheap and inferior quality, and gradually transform into a gorgeous and reliable “Made in China” quality.

At the same time, as companies continue to improve their technological innovation capabilities, the meaning of “quality manufacturing” has also undergone profound changes. “Quality manufacturing” no longer simply refers to the quality of products, but also lies in brand value, innovative technology, and ingenious service. Wait for all-round upgrades.

Now, it is the best time for national brands to truly demonstrate the strength of quality manufacturing and tell the story of the “Made in China” brand to the world!

For this reason, the Boiling Quality Award Organizing Committee and the Home Quality of Life Research Center jointly launched a new live broadcast column “Quality Creator” together with a national authoritative quality inspection agency and an authoritative media platform. The column is to visit leading home quality manufacturing companies in the form of live broadcast, and uses “forum live broadcast + factory live broadcast” as the core content to unlock the quality of the big country behind the brand quality in an all-round way.

The Boiling Quality Award Organizing Committee, professional media and expert groups from 19 national-level authoritative quality inspection institutions walked into the brand quality factory, and through the experiential factory live broadcast method, the smart factory is displayed in real time + real-time R&D and manufacturing reality + direct access to the front line Quality control links + experts on-site interpretation of product quality advantages as the core content, comprehensive display of the quality and ingenuity of Chinese home furnishing brands, and through double authoritative endorsements to build high-quality domestic brands into the core quality IP of Chinese home furnishings, and strengthen the brand’s industry Quality leader.

Post time: Sep-23-2021