Lecture Theme: Seminar on high-quality development and risk management of enterprise intellectual property


BEIJING, November 19, 2021, YEWLONG team attended the  Lawyer Mao’s lecture, the importance and risks of intellectual property rights for a company. He emphasized, innovation is the intangible assets for a company. Our boss Mr Fu agrees with his view of enterprise innovation.


Since 2010, YEWLONG focus on innovating products from simple electronic control to cooperation in multiple scientific research fields. During the past 11 years, YEWLONG has applied for 31 patents, 13 patents have been authorized, which we applied its own intellectual property rights to its products and transforms its technological advantages into product advantages. As the most intuitive embodiment of technology and products in intellectual property, patents help our company improve product quality and business performance, while further enhancing YEWLONG’s ability to resist various risks; YEWLONG is fully recognizing the huge role of intellectual property rights in the development of enterprises. Through the development of research projects, YEWLONG has made innovations and improvements compared to traditional concepts, thereby improving the service quality of green road construction technology.

Post time: Nov-22-2021