How to choose the best bathroom cabinet tips let you learn smart?

When talking about bathroom decoration, the bathroom vanity cabinet is always the first thing we think about.

For ordinary families, we generally recommend that the best choice for bathroom cabinets shall be wall-mounted, high Cabinet legs or wheels, so you can effectively isolate the ground moisture, so when you purchase selected after moisture treatment of metal parts of stainless steel or special aluminum products for bathroom cabinets.

And bathroom Cabinet hardware should not overlook the outer coating, chromium-plated products, general product coating is 20 microns thick, a long time inside the material easy to oxidize, so try to choose a workmanship 28 microns thick coating of chrome-plated brass, its structure, coating evenly, using effects, such good finish hardware can be easily figure out which is heavy and finished in good condition.


Also, check the bathroom cabinet door, preferably large angle open, and not under the influence of surrounding space, so as to facilitate access.

In addition, when choosing a bathroom Cabinet style, be sure to guarantee the maintenance of water pipe and valve opening, so as not to leave unnecessary for future maintenance and repair problems.  


Bathroom is usually wet, when choosing a bathroom Cabinet, don’t just focus on the external style, must pay attention to understand the material, and all metal parts of the substrate material, try to choose after moisture treatment of stainless steel or aluminum Cabinet dedicated to the product, guarantees a certain degree of moisture resistance properties.

Now the bathroom Cabinet chosen by the mainstream on Plywood substrate is waterproof, waterproof performance than ordinary fiber, is the first choice for luxury bathroom cabinets. When you purchase do not blindly select style, should first think of accessory products bath, toilet, wash basin, parts of a package of products, spare parts, should be at the same grade level, supporting product design style, the tone must match the bathroom décor to be uniformly.

From the material point of view, solid wood, PVC, stainless steel bathroom Cabinet is divided into several categories. According to Deputy General Manager introduced Mr. Fu, PVC bathroom Cabinet is relatively inexpensive, waterproof material. The main part of the bathroom Cabinet is solid wood and plywood. Solid wood cabinets tend to paint 3-7 coating on the surface of the paint, the surface water absorption below 5%. Therefore, solid wood bathroom cabinets may not be easily deformed because of the wet, and so on.


Post time: Dec-06-2021