2021 UNICERA International Sanitary fair

The UNICERA was accomplished successfully in CNR Expo Center Istanbul. As the biggest International Ceramic Sanitary fain in Turkey, it attracts most of the famous brand cooperation in Turkey, Spain, Italy etc. and also the visitors from all over the world.

The fair exhibits the tiles, sanitary wares and kitchen wares with the last designs and technology. Since Yewlong has been R&D manufacturing bathroom furniture cabinets for more than 20 years, we’d like to share more about the bathroom cabinet models at this fair.


According to the newly designed models at fair, the design difference compared with last year has a big change. Firstly the bathroom cabinet materials are updated to wood looking style carcass or tops.


Compared with the Bologna fair held in Italy, the UNICERA designs are generally following the traditional Turkish styles, which is classic,  conservative & open mixed. However, the technology for quality is keep increase in recent years since our visit in 2015.

Even though sintered stone basin has been popular in world market for some time, which was bored in Italy and widely used in China market, turkey models still focus on ceramic wash basins, it’s true that ceramic is always the alternate material for thousands of years since its born, and it turned out that the cheap looking quality sintered stone top is second to ceramic basins and sometimes even worse. As some small workshop or supplier manufacture the sintered stone with undeveloped equipment and tech skills.


Generally speaking, visitors or buyers are following the trend of the bathroom designs, they may find the potential hot models at this fair, but the freight is still on a super high level for them to import.

Anyhow, we all look forward to the good freight times and the world conovid-19 going down, so that we could show these elegant and delicate models to people, they will enjoy good time with it.

Post time: Nov-13-2021